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About the comic...

     [x - 2001, whereas x is the current year] years ago, I decided I would finally make a proper comic strip. And even better, I would post it online. Because I couldn't commit to a super-specific storyline and set of characters the way that competent storytellers can, it would basically, uh, have no storyline. So it's a comic in which the "main characters" are Kevin, who is based on myself, and IDGet, who is an imaginary acquaintance that only Kevin can see and hear. Well, before you point out specific comics in which someone else talks to him, I'll explain that other imaginary acquaintances of Kevin can also see and hear him. The name IDGet I credit to some weird kid named Luke from the seventh grade. Sometimes though, I draw gag comics that have nothing to do with these characters or even anything at all. So they're somewhat arbitrary is what I'm saying. In fact, there's so little introduction required that this whole paragraph is also somewhat arbitrary.

About the person responsible for the comic...

     My name is Kevin. My birthday is 01/14/1984.

     Well, when I first wrote up [the original version of[ this page, I made it as brief as possible because I didn't think anyone would pay attention to it in the first place, or even want to know "about the comic." Apparently, I was wrong. At least one person does want to know more about it, so maybe other people do too. Dana from the message board at The Idiotsite sent me a series of questions, which I gladly answered. Since she's wondering these things, so maybe at least one of the three other people who visit the site are wondering, too. So, I've decided to include these questions as an OAQ (well, they aren't frequently asked questions, so they're once asked questions).

1) can you explain the name IDGet to me? Is it supposed to mean something?

Not really. In the About The Comic section I mention that the name was made by a weird kid named Luke that I knew - and that's basically it. To be more specific: I went to school with him, and at first he called me IDGet as a nickname (I'm guessing it was just him...being weird. Maybe it had a hidden meaning but he didn't tell me. (shrug). I then borrowed the name when making one of my first original characters. It's hard to explain how IDGet (the character) started, but I'll try. In the 7th grade, a few of the other ... um, weird class would draw their own characters. There was Bob and George and I think Joe. They would just draw their characters in random disguises ... Happy Bob or Rocket Launcher Bob or Hula Hoop Bob....whatever. In an effort to follow the trend, I made IDGet. IDGet dog, basketball IDGet, lava lamp IDGet, IDGet whatever. Because I would constantly draw more, people would see me drawing these in class, and I was known for it. So, IDGet is the main character I use in comic strips and other drawings. And that's how he was born.

2) whats the deal with chickens..? why does every1 in your comic call you mag-chicken (is it because you draw chickens all the time? Which brings us to the first part of the question: why chickens?) do ppl in real life call you Mag-Chicken?

Chickens are my second "main characters." After I'd been drawing IDGet for a year, I was in classes with a kid named Michael, who would always make references to chicken. For no reason. He would say "Chicken!" for the sake of saying it. Because he also read my IDGet comics, I started incorporating chickens into them. I practiced by drawing Chicken Boo from Animaniacs. Then, after drawing so many chickens, they started to form into my own style. When I made the transition from middle school to high school, part of it including meeting new people. Because I'd been drawing more chickens than IDGet, people knew me this time for drawing chickens instead. Of course, this led to nick-names. Chicken Boy, mostly. Two students, Jon and Daquelle (one seems to be the sidekick of the other) coined "Mag-chicken." Why? I don't know. They ... wanted to...amuse themselves, I suppose. :)

3) How many of the ppl in your comic are real? For example, this girl how calls you mag-chicken, is she real? Who is she exactly? Can you tell me about your relationship with the real ppl in the comic, a little bit about who they are to you?

Since most of the comics are just Kevin and IDGet, or generic characters, the other "people" seen are almost always based on real people. The girl who calls me "Mag-chicken," as I mentioned, would be Daquelle. I'm not going to explain all of them, but a few other examples:
-The girl who likes to smell her own hair - Claudia - classmate (well, I think all of the "real" people are classmates or teachers, because they're most likely to actually see my comic strips). The first one with her was November 12th, if it's not too blurry to read (the really early comics look awful, in case you didn't notice). I made this one just because she asked me too, and she got a kick out of it when she read it. :)
-November 21st shows four of my teachers that I had during my senior year - from left to right - English AP, French V, Calculus AP, SCAP European History.
-November 27th - Andrew (the short kid) - I volunteered at the school library during my free periods, and he was a freshman who volunteered as well. Well, not much, but he was in the library when I was, usually. I think there are three strips with him, and he got a kick out of them too. He was almost insulted, but he thought it was too funny to be -insulted. Does that make sense?
-As I mentioned, there are others, but I don't want to go through every single one - you probably don't want to read an explanation of every single one, either. :) But, basically, they're people I knew from school.

4) How do you pronounce your surname, exactly? The C at the end is pronounced like a K, right? (if so, wont it be much funnier to call you chicken-poc instead of mag-chicken..? *cough* sorry)
Short vowels - mag pock. Um, it rhymes with slag rock, I guess. Maybe they thought Mag-Chicken sounded better. (shrug)

5) Do you look like cartoon-Kevin? I know you have glasses, but what else do you two have in common? Like, are you average sized and with black hair?

Yeah, but in the very, very basic sense of the term. I'm not great at drawing people, so of course it doesn't give a good idea of what I look like. I mean, you eyes don't cover half of my head, and I have nostrils and ears. But, yeah, I'm 5'8" with black hair.

6) What made you start the Proops files? Is Greg your favorite, btw? I noticed a slight resemblance between cartoon Kevin and cartoon Greg; expressions, attitude and such. Is it just a coincidence, or do you really see something a bit Gregish about yourself?

My idea for the Proops Files started like this: I simply made the observation that in certain episodes of WL, Greg's face looks chubbier than in other episodes. Also, his demeanor seems slightly different - I can't explain. Anyway, I'd mentioned the observation to a couple WL fans online, then started rambling about the possibility that Greg has an evil twin. At the moment, I improvised an explanation, that Greg B was trying to replace Greg A. I think it's in the "enigma" section of my site; I don't know if you've read it.
I can't explain how I get ideas for most comic strips, and I can't explain how I got the idea to make a storyline revolving around the theory. I just did. I thought it'd be a challenge to force myself into incorporating one of my favorite celebrities into a storyline, too. Oh, and Greg isn't my favorite. They all are. :) And, to answer your other question - I guess we both have that sort of sarcastic attitude towards life - of course, Greg makes it funnier than I do. :)

7) Do ppl really ask you to be in your strips? were you known for your comic at school, or is it more of a wishful thinking?

Yes. It was easier when they gave me something to work with ("I like to smell my own hair!") then when they just said, "I want to be in one!"

8) Who are the 3 girls who asked to be the 3 Greg fans in your strips?

Christa, Janet, and Heather. Christa made the Greg fansite Groovefunkistan with help from Janet, an online friend of mine and hers. I knew Heather online as well, from Whose Line? Online. I could explain WL?O, but that'd be a separate list of questions entirely.

9) You said the comic was in your school paper, but as I understood it, there was a gap of a whole year between the strips! Did ppl really remember the strip from the previous year?

(thinks for a moment) Oh, you mean the Chicken Guy comics. They weren't in the school paper, but a publication called The Marshall Arts (see, it's a pun, 'cause the school was John Marshall High School...get it?) that took submissions of art/writing from the students. It was a yearly thing. Chapter 1 I sent in my sophomore year, Chapter 2 was for my junior year, and although I sent in Chapter 3, the Marshall Arts wasn't released for that year - I'm not sure why. I do know, however, that the staff of the MA remembered (and still had copies of) the first Chapter the year after. So, um, to answer your question - yeah, sure.

(quick explanation for the next question: Dana is from Israel, so some of the American references don't make sense to her. Because, according to the sitetracking, there are other visitors from other countries, I think I should include this question...)
10) Whats a spongebob squarepants? And ok Ive had it, what is this "can you hear me now? good" thing?! A commercial? And how about that 4 different ppl with 4 different view points? I also didnít get it when Greg used it on WL.

Sorry, American pop culture references. Spongebob Squarepants is a popular kids cartoon show. It's, uh, about a sponge who lives at the bottom of the ocean and has square-shaped pants. It's supposed to be crazy, I guess.
One of the most annoying series of commercials is one advertising a cellular phone company, Verizon Wireless. Every commercial is the same thing: A man with glasses working for the company says, talking into his cell phone: "Can you hear me now? Good. Can you hear me now? Good." Constantly. Like the Energizer Bunny (er, I'm gonna assume the Energizer Bunny was so popular that other countries know of him by now) but not as clever. I don't think anybody likes that guy.
The third is a reference to a daytime women's talk show called The View. I've only watched it four times - twice when Drew Carey was a guest, once when Wayne Brady was a guest, and once when I thought Wayne would be on. I couldn't stand the fourth one. The line itself is Barbara Walter's introduction to the show. I think of it as a show overpumped with estrogen.
I'm not sure if it was the third or fourth season, but Drew mentioned it in a WL episode. Something like "Welcome back to Whose Line is it Anyway?, the antidote to The View. There's nothing wrong with The View, we're just the antidote." Well put, Drew. :)

11) How many ppl are following your comic (that you know of)?

I wonder the same thing. There are a few that I know check it regularly. I don't know if they follow it every day, but it doesn't matter to me either way. It's a hobby to me. Even though it'd be nice to get a lot of hits, the main reason I do it is simply the fact that I enjoy doing it. :D

12) "My fr - er, aquaintances from school suggested that I make a holiday comic strip with them in it." Were you cynical here, or are they really just acquaintances? Would you say you were a loner at school?

I'll put down "cynical" for this one. It depends how you define the word. I was friend/ly/ when I was around them, but never really kept up with them outside of school. Actually, the very obscure joke in the line is that I don't want to use the word "friends" simply because it's the show that had been in the same time slot as Whose Line? (and was more popular).

13) I remember you once said something about your alter-ego being 2 years younger than you. Did you say that or am I confusing you with some1 else? If you did, why did you decide that IDGet should be 2 years younger?

Er...I'm not sure what you mean. If I had said that, though I can't remember saying it, I'm not sure why I said it. (shrug)

14) About Jon and Daquelle. Were they popular at your school? Could you tell me a bit about them? The reason Im asking is because you can learn a lot about a person from the kind of ppl they interact with. The fact that you socialize with those two doesnít necessarily mean that youíre anything like them of course, but its still a valuable piece of info. Same question goes for this Claudia-I-like-to-smell-my-own-hair person.

All three were members of the National Honor Society, which is basically an organization that shows you're an outstanding student. Well, Jon and Daquelle's grades were good, but you wouldn't be able to tell by just talking to them. Claudia was the valedictorian of my senior year, so she got the best grades and was in several activities, but isn't ... like...nerdy, or anything. They were, um, weird...but you know, in a fun way. Which made it easier for me to make them into weird comic strips characters. :)

15) You wrote that you volunteered in the library at school. Right now, your profile says that your *job* is to shelve books. So do you *work* there now?

I should've been more specific. I volunteered in the library at my school all four years of high school, and now I shelve books at a public library.

16) Were you the smartest kid in class?


17) The chick-magnet?


18) The weirdo?

I was the guy who drew comic strips. Whether or not you'd consider that weird is up to you!

19)You mentioned that youíre not a member of any religion. Can you elaborate a bit about that? Are you an atheist, or do you believe in god in your own special way? How do your parents respond to this attitude? are the religious, atheists, something in between? Did you ever stop to really think about God and everything, and your (dis)belief today is the result, or is it a result of just the opposite: not really spending time to think about it, and not really caring about the whole thing? You can be extremely blunt with your answer here, btw, I most certainly wont be offended by anything you say about religion or god.

Short answer: I'm in the middle. Completely neutral. I have spent a lot of time thinking about it, but what it boils down to is: to me, there is no ideal religion or set of religious beliefs. There are flaws with all of them, and at this point, I'd rather just have "none." I think my parents are non-religious as I am, but don't realize it. Because of how I was raised, I'd associated Christmas with gifts more than anything else. :\

20) In your answer to my question about religion, you said that there are flaws in every religion (couldnít agree with you more), so you donít consider yourself a member of any of them. But you gave no answer as to whether you believe in God or not. Have you thought that one through yet? I wouldnít have asked this if you hadnt mentioned it in your site, btw. Its there, so I got curious. Its your fault, basically. *grins*

I believe in God as much as I believe in the religions. Here's my argument: If someone says that they believe in little green men and flying saucers from outer space, they're considered crazy. If someone says that they believe in a man who walked on water and turned water to wine (and had a virgin mother), no one would raise an eyebrow. That's a thought that I've ran in my head several times, and it still bothers me a bit...

21) According to the cartoons, you have an older sister. Im guessing you have no younger siblings, or they would have made their way to one of your strips by now; so, are you the youngest? Do you have any other brothers or sisters? How about pets (Im guessing you donít have any)?

I'm the younger of two. My girlfriend and I have a hamster named Twiglette.

22) Do you smoke? Have you ever tried smoking, and would it bother you if your girlfriend smoked? Were you ever drunk?

Strongly against all non-medical drugs. Well, there was one time that I accidentally ingested alcohol. There were little paper cups with J-ello in the fridge. I like J-ello, so I had one. Later, I find out it was J-ello shots. I also find out that I'm an Idiot for not having figured that out earlier. If anything, that incident gave me a funny little story to talk about. And in case you're wondering, it wasn't enough to get me drunk. As for the girlfriend question: If my girlfriend smoked, then that'd automatically mean her personality is incompatible with mine. I'm strongly against it. I've said this before, but I think the ideal girlfriend for me would be a nice blind girl.

UPDATE: I now have a girlfriend. She's not blind, but she is nice and does not smoke.

23) Have you got a close group of friends you hang out with, or are you the average "floater", socially speaking? And my favorite question to ask ppl for no apparent reason: whatís your very first childhood memory?

I like the "floater" answer...yeah, that's right. First childhood memory...oh, geez... All of my memories are very vague. Like, uh, standing next to a fence and doing something. Trying to open up a package of gumballs. Having a dream about living in a mansion with a cartoon dog made out of meat that licks my face. You know, boring stuff.

[Disclaimer: Some of these answers were edited years later, to keep them up-to-date.]

All of the drawings, comic strips, parodies, etc. were made by Kevin Magpoc. Any unauthorized use/duplication/whatnot is useless and just plain sad.