So, let's see...there are a few things I wrote back in high school. There's "Twelve Angry Mental Patients" , which I believe was part of an assignment but ended up in the "(John) Marshall Arts" publication thingy. That was from ... wow, 1999? Really? I think it was a year late that I wrote a similarly-formatted piece (I think this one was just for fun), "Survival" . It's not as good and outdated anyway. Sometimes when a song gets stuck in my head, I like to think of alternate lyrics for it. That's how "Stay in the Hive" came about. I used to have a few other of these but they're embarrasingly outdated too. Also for a class assignment I wrote a Ryan Stiles monologue. Various creative writing class assignments I've done can be found here .

What else? Erm, I'm on Facebook. IDGet is on MySpace, but if you want to pretend it's me you're talking to, I guess that's okay. I have a ComicSpace page which is really just a back-up for my ComicGenesis page. I do not have a deviantART page ... just because I don't have a good reason for having one. I have a LiveJournal, but be warned - it's dedicated almost entirely to Whose Line-related posts. Speaking of WLiiA?, I am nerdy enough to be a contributor to the Whose Line is it Anyway? Wiki. I also have a Flickr photostream.

That's all I can think of for the moment.

I'm glad you're here.
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